Размышления на закате дня

Я иногда думаю о том, как справится со своим миром вне и внутри себя. Это процесс сложный и витееватый. Однако, как и любой человек я расту духовно и морально, пытаясь разобраться в разных проблемах, которые меня тревожат или беспокоят. Это сложно.   Когда я думаю о будущем — я становлюсь мечтателем и в некоторой степени […]

Great book that refers to Orwell 1984

The plot’s setting is a post-apocalyptic world where the majority of people live either in a poor, technologically backwards Urkaina [sic] (not to be confused with the present Ukraine, though the pun is likely intended) with about 300 million Russian speaking inhabitants with a capital city «Slava» or in a technologically advanced artificial flying city «Big Byz» (or […]

Do not spend your time in physical body to wine and sorrow… Sometimes it is better to have some rest from emotions.

Contact with nature, Work with the body. Flee from your madness. And try to get studied. Listen to voices… Of birds, or your buddies. Newer reflect of the days, That have passed. Live now and here. Give me five. As farewell to the party.