A little bag with mushrooms.

You will never walk alone… (LFC Anthem).

I see the pavement close to me,

I choose to stay inside of my body.

I hear a song, that makes me smile…

I know the things, that make men cry.

Today I won’t discuss our fears,

I am in here to make us feel…

Forever thankful for our lives…

For it is given only once.

You live with dads,

You live with moms.

You live with sisters and your grans.

We live inside there on our own…

We live together,

To be strong.

I live with great big family.

I have no kids, but we are free…

To love each one, who is with us…

Be it a child, or just a stranded man.

Love everybody, make a try…

You will end up in hospital.

But love those close to you,

And bring them joy and hope,

And happiness.

Forever yours.

Ņikita, Nikki, Bogačovs.


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