My try to write a newspaper/Моя попытка написать газету.

Evening news 30/05/2022

Nikki (Ņikita Bogačovs)

The day of rains
Soul and body feel the pain

The story of many of my friends, relatives, brothers, and cousins. Both male and female are hard to explain.
But I will try. Remember, that biggest challenge in life is life itself. I hope that your problems will not persuade you too often.
Once I understood that, it got better. The second thing is that body is fully dependent on your brain.
Afterwards, you need to practice physical activities. I do Kyokushinkai, Ju-jitsu, breathing techniques.
Meditation helps as well. But you should be careful with that. Medication is also a must.
If you have mental disorder, you should drink it. All sorts of pills are made to help us. And they do. I fell fine now.
However, the best thing to do is sleeping. Your body relaxes, your head is calm. Brain activity is going down.
And finally. If you have problems with stigma, just leave it be. You cannot make friends with all people.
A person has three friends. That is enough. No more needed. Others are closer or not, but they are understanding you less. That is a fact.

Some happy news

Today we think of oncoming summer.

It is very nice to write in the evenings. It is a time when a muse is coming towards your spirit.

I think that we are here to help each other. We are here to calm our souls.

Writing helps.

I have read a book called Sapiens. Highly recommend that. Also, I read thrillers and listen to music.

This is healing my brain and body.
Of course, sometimes you just cannot do it. But try, try, try…


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