Life is a game

We are like gamers

Of our sacred lives

Whatever happens

We will lose the fight.

It would be wise

To stop the time

Stop crossing lines

And at least try.

Try to discover things

That are both in and out

Around us, in us

Be it left or right.

Life is a game: 5 комментариев

  1. Great blog post. What I would like to contribute is that laptop memory is required to be purchased in case your computer still can’t cope with everything you do with it. One can install two RAM boards containing 1GB each, as an illustration, but not certainly one of 1GB and one with 2GB. One should check the car maker’s documentation for the PC to make sure what type of memory is necessary.

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    1. I understand that. But, sometimes, a person should wait for a thing to become his be letting the strings go. I am fine doing my blogging as it is. Unfortunately, I do not have this possibility. But things change. Thanks for support. Have a nice day

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