Questions without answers

What are we living for? Is up to for us to choose? Do we need lovers? Or do we need some space? Do we love others? Or we just love ourselves? Do we care about our lives? Don’t we need someone to care for us? Do you care about someone? Except ourselves? I hope so…

Love, hope and harmony

Our happy dreams of future Are there to make illusion That we are here for good It is a fake, it is delusion Our bodies are too fragile To make all dreams come true This world may give you a career Or happy family Or something else you can imagine But when you’ll try to […]

Nobody is to be hurt

I share my heart with those around me Only when the time is right When thoughts are clear When nobody is to be hurt When I can do a proper joke When everybody else can laugh We make our life the way it is For me, it doesn’t really matter How frightening the past can […]