A story I wrote in a hospital

I love you Catherine, still 

While I am away 

While you are everywhere 

Where I can see the light

The light of happiness and love 

True story, I am not a fool 

Who is to blame for never-ending passion 

For you, a lady of my dreams 

That never will become my girl

My wife and mother of my children 

You are an angel for me from above 

Thus, I will pray to just remember 

Your face, your smile and all your heart 

I understand, that we cannot pretend 

That something sparkled right between us

It was a dream, my goal — I didn’t pass 

But I believe, that we have been 

Like friends — a future doctor and an elder patient 

Who are in love.

We are some fascinating creatures 

We can enjoy and hate 

We can create our own faith 

We can survive and become dead 

Or we may suffer from our distant future 

But I belong to those, who can 

Create true love and be a subject of destruction 

Destruction made by my own mind 

Or my inadequate behavior 

How come I may become a friend 

While being so unfaithful

That’s not my choice of being bad

That is my true unkind nature 

I’m not a good example 

More like a decent one 

Different to anybody else 

And more like those around me.

I can perceive, I can proclaim

I can succeed and fail 

I’ve been in trouble

And nobody is there to blame

Why are we trying to complain?

About being sick and tired

Of life, when we are at the bottom

And never pray for help

When we are at the top

Thus, we are lost in greater picture

Where everything is on its own

But being part of life’s creation

You can accept or you can blame

At least, try keeping something of your own 

In your congested soul

When someone hurries to your rescue

Secure your heaven 

And become lost 

In silence of your inner voice

Consume the evil 

From everywhere around 

And feеl the power of indifferent odds

Try to distract yourself 

From being flown away 

And lose your patience 

For losing your life’s game 

Become a devil to enjoy 

Stay with the God to heal

While trying to destroy

Be dead by nightfall

Or stay alive till very end

It’s up to you to choose the side

Besides, you can obey whoever might appear

An angel or a demon 

You fight the one who is not real

And deals with you without patience

Who is your friend this very minute?

You’ll find the answer, when they are gone…

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