I have no worries

That did exist

I have true story

That I have lived with

I am a mentally disabled

With will to live

I’m not afraid to die

I do enjoy my life today

I haven’t got a wife and kids

I do have little sister

I’m her brother and a friend

I love her more that anybody

I do like watching her becoming

A teenager with lovely face

She is a mate, that gives me will

To be a little stronger than I am

Sometimes, I fall with no way back

And every step I make to climb

I thanks to many people, that’s a fact  

But most of all it’s silent help from her

I want to see her grow and talk about her goals

I want to stay with her, when it is needed

I want to let her go, when she is ready

To start her own life full of joy

Thank you, my little kitten.

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