This world is full of colors

This world is full of colors
I am the darkest one by far
I’ve done so many lies
I’ve crossed so many borders
To stay alive I’ve tried a lot
But never done a single thing
Without losing those who are around me
To start a day without hatred
To leave all judgements far away
To kill the beast that lives inside me
I’d say, it is a burden
For me and everybody else

However, I am not a slave
That has no power to change things
I do my best when I am there
I can do both the right and wrong
Thus, I am somewhat like a rainbow
When everything comes together

I do show up

To share my heart with those around me
I do it, when the time is right
When thoughts are clear
When nobody is to be hurt
When I can do a proper joke
When everybody else can laugh
We make our life the way it is
For me, it doesn’t really matter
How frightening the past can be
The only thing that matters
Is what’s in front of you
As we make some assumptions

Life then makes her own distractions
And we are only making actions
That have already been mistaken
Although, we cannot blame nobody
Except ourselves…

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