I am struggling…

I’ve heard this Lady,

For a lot of months…

I am fine, I’m not…

Greedy, lustful…

I am seeking peace

I am seeking hope

I am seeking love

I do have them all!

I am struggling…

Sometimes it is true,

All the drugs are…

Well, forget that!

Just be cool!

Be in love!

Be strong!

Never loose!

See movies,

See some sky,

See some girls,

Ladies, You are mine!

I have waited long enough,

I have seen the God above…

I have been in prison,

Of the devil’s hand!

I have seen all circles,

Of forgotten hell,

I have cried like baby…

For my fucking sins!

Now, if I may say,

Hell is gone…

I am in heavenly…

Mood, state…

It is a trance,

It’s a medication,

It’s a gift from Mom,

From papa, from all…

From our loving God,

From our sexy ladies,

That are all around…

World… It’s full of colors…

I do not choose pace,

I do not choose race…

I do not choose sex

When speaking about art!

This is His creation!

All the pain will wash away!

All the sorrow will go bust!

Send it to the DUST BIN!

And forget the past!

Live and Love TODAY!

Live and Love the dreams!

Never say, I am a motherfucker!

When you are in front of glass!

Or mirror!

Fuck it! Make it LAST!

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