Let’s try Confucius

Rites of Zhou
Offices of the Heaven (天官冢宰) on general governance;
Offices of Earth (地官司徒) on taxation and division of land;
Offices of Spring (春官宗伯) on education as well as social and religious institutions;
Offices of Summer (夏官司馬) on the army;
Office of Autumn (秋官司寇) on justice;
Office of Winter (冬官考工記) on population, territory, and agriculture.

I’ll be sincere

I have not read a lot of him

I am as dumb, as you may feel,

He said, that «I know, that I know nothing»,

That is what I remember tould by him…

Say, I would read,

His thoughts and make my own appeal,

About my life and actions — they are real…

I am a person, I’m a man,

I’m thirty… almost thirty one.

Who cares about me?

Well… I thinks my parents, granny, sister, three close friends…

They are besides me everyday…

I speak to them, some of them real, some dead… some lost,

That’s not my point actually.

Confucius said, I have been tould,

Again… Should read his sayings…

Now, let’s make conclusions…

I am real, Confucius has been born far long ago,

Today we drink, today we cheer, today we work or go to bed…

Who makes decisions? All of us!

Some do the reading, some do meet family,

Vacation, summer reel.

That’s it for me. Hope, you are well and fine.

See ya and goodbye…


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