Sunday is the day for rest

I’m resting more and more

Today, the sky is not for me

Who cares?

Do you agree?

I am with sister and my mom

Walked by the beach

Seen sunset and felt free

Each Sunday is alone

Like water, like my soul

It is never the same

We may be closer

When we spend free time together

Together with nature

The sand

And the sea

The sky is red

The sun is warm

We are walking on our own

We also do think

That we are closest friends

It is reaaly true, so nobody stands

In front of great future

That is made for us

We can get too far

Today is a good day

Same as the year

I am happy thinking

That i have a friend.

Her name is Elizabeth

Just like our Queen

But she is bit younger

She is thirteen.

Tomorrow is started

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