Choose the side…

I can perceive, I can proclaim
I can succeed and fail
I’ve been in trouble
And nobody is there to blame
Why are we trying to complain?
About being sick and tired
Of life, when we are at the bottom
And never pray for help
When we are at the top
Thus, we are lost in greater picture
Where everything is on its own
But being part of life’s creation
You can accept or you can blame
At least, try keeping something of your own
In your congested soul
When someone hurries to your rescue
 Secure your heaven
And become lost
In silence of your inner voice
Consume the evil
From everywhere around
And feеl the power of indifferent odds
Try to distract yourself
From being flown away
And lose your patience
For losing your life’s game
Become a devil to enjoy
Stay with the God to heal
While trying to destroy
Be dead by nightfall
Or stay alive till very end
It’s up to you to choose the side
Besides, you can obey whoever might appear
An angel or a demon
You fight the one who is not real
And deals with you without patience
Who is your friend this very minute?
You’ll find the answer, when they are gone…


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