A game of football

I am a fan of Spartak Moscow

I am a fan of game

I like the underdogs

I feel connected with a team that’s loosing

On paper, never is the same for real

I like when loosing side is making happen

Their goal, which takes the other side

By a surprise

They score a goal or two

They are becoming equal

Or else they cannot win.

On Tuesday that had never happened

Cos Liverpool is better team

Klopp made a team

That needed trophies

They won 2:0, and Tottenham

From London, had lost the game

But not for long.

There will be trophies for them

They can become a better side

If they buy forwards, from Argentina

It may be Aguero

May be someone else

Son and Kane are are not ok

A game is done,

We are spectators,

Of drama, of event without name

Of soap opera, that became

For story books,

Scenario is not the same.

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