Part two

Много лет размышлял я над жизнью земной.

Непонятного нет для меня под луной.

Мне известно, что мне ничего не известно, —

Вот последний секрет из постигнутых мной.

I like to be around people 
I don't prefer to speak with someone,
Who is done
I love a lot of people
Both poor and rich or even drung and tough
I hate my feeling, it is already making me undone
I try to stay in simple balance
Somewhere in between
I usually cannot control it
I am, sometimes, a funny man.
I hope, that someday
Nobody will suffer
So I can speak and listen
And be around, with my mates
I am aware, it is not easy,
And maybe I am too sincere
Still, I can stand it
Nothing will appear
When I'm in balance
When i'm OK!
I shall surrender
To become a man
A man of promise, dignity and pain.
No pain, no gain?
True shit,
Is this the final call?
We' ll see when it will come.
I know, it's not forever,
But, I will keep the distance,
While I'm here.

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