This point is not a subject of discussion

A person, who can’t love himself

Is surely a subject of disgusting passion

From all these equally untruthful thoughts

That kill a tranquilising life around him

Be sure, that I have suffered much

From hatred and non-loving people

They were inside my head and everywhere around

By every mean, this is problem of my own

And nobody is gonna help me out

Besides, I think there is no reason to believe

That judgement or some drastic action

Can change me in some strange and unexpected way

I live for my own good, for those who care about me

I live to take what’s granted

From our, human, life perspective

But I am sure that I am not an ape

Too many years have passed

Before we started to believe

That single person can be both

A demon or an angel

It is, of course, a metaphorical expression

Besides, a person may be shifting gears between becoming first and second

And that is surely the case

With every person that can be found around me.

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