Live and try!

We are the wildest animals

Who don’t know nothing about truth

We are billions of shaking souls

Who doesn’t hear each other’s thoughts

The only thing that we are given

Is our beautiful and unforgiving life

We can play cards wrong and loose the ground beneath us

Or we may find the purpose in everything that lies ahead of us

In any case our lives are not the same

Between our birth and death all people

Can find both happiness and disbelief

I really loved to live while being small

And then I’ve found that life is totally unhappy

This was my feeling, not the way it was

But still it was the case for me

I’m not an optimistic person anymore

Nor I am realistic

Is this the case, when person has a crisis?

While everything seems fine

When life seems like a struggle

More likely it’s the story that will surely end in the best of ways

Which is, well probably you know…

There is no miraculous cure

From this disgusting feeling

Still, when the end is closer every day

You feel that dignity is surely the only answer

To fulfill your duty on this journey

Which is the same for all of us

To live and try

To live and die

To live and fly away

Wherever end is waiting for us.


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